New Studio Unit at SQ Rés

“Property should be invested in as we save money, if we have savings then it’s time to start looking at the right property to invest in,” said Hammy Sugiharto, SQ Rés Head of Marketing.

When compared with other investments, property is an investment that has a low risk. This is because property price movements tend to be stable and not volatile, as when we invest in shares. In addition, property investment has a value that increases every year. This is because every year the population continues to increase relative to the availability of property.

Not only can you benefit from the increase in property prices, but you can also benefit from renting out the property you own. So, if you have residential or commercial property, you can rent it out by contract. Unlike stock or gold investments whose prices are determined by market conditions, property investment gives full control in the form of pricing / value of the property you own.

If we look at the market now, millennials are the demographic most interested in buying their first properties. This generation has characteristics that prioritize social experience and self-identity, and have high mobility. They have different purchasing habits to previous generations.

If the previous generation preferred purchasing houses as an investment, millennials tend to choose apartments. This is because they are looking for practical housing that is equipped with various facilities that benefit users. Apartments also tend to have prices that are more affordable for the millennial generation.

To meet the needs of each generation, SQ Rés offers exclusive apartment dwellings located in the mixed-use development at South Quarter. This area, which is equipped with office facilities, lifestyle centers, and residences, provides all the needs of millennials in one area.

SQ Res provides various types of apartment units that suit the needs of the community, ranging from 1 bedroom units to Dual Key units and the recently launched studio units. “This studio unit is designed for millennials, providing practical lifestyle needs suited to the high mobility of this,” explained Hammy.

The residences at SQ Rés are designed to nurture the productivity and creativity of residents. The property provides a lot of open spaces and communal space that can be used for various purposes such as workplaces, meetings, and spending time with close family and friends. “In addition, the SQ Rés building is also directly connected to elevated walkways connecting to the entire South Quarter complex,” Hammy explained.

In addition, SQ Rés provides curated facilities designed to ensure residents’ high quality of life, with various facilities such as a gym, kids playground, library, and café. Residents can also enjoy the amenities and entertainment available at Coca-Cola SQ Dome, which is equipped with various restaurants, supermarkets, coffee shops, and retail offerings.

Located in the prime district of T.B Simatupang , SQ Rés offers convenient access to national and international schools, international hospitals, shopping centers and MRT stations (Fatmawati and Lebak Bulus). This award-winning development is a popular destination in South Jakarta and home to some of the biggest companies and brands in the world. This makes SQ Rés a sound property investment on multiple levels, not only offering a strategic location but also providing facilities that meet the needs of the community.