SQ Rés Presents Virtual Show Unit

The spread of the Covid-19 virus has limited public interactions for the time being in an attempt to slow transmission. Intiland recognises the importance of this and is working on introducing innovations that allow clients and partners to continue to avail of services and new product knowledge even while sheltering at home.

With this in mind, SQ Rés presents a virtual show unit that can be accessed from smartphones and other devices. In this three-dimensional experience, consumers can visit the SQ Rés apartment unit from wherever they are.

“In the present situation social distancing is absolutely mandatory, including for potential consumers who want to get to know our show unit. The virtual show unit service is a smart solution for consumers to experience visiting the SQ Rés apartment show unit without having to come directly to the location,” said Permadi Indra Yoga, Intiland’s Business Development Director.

The virtual show unit service is intended to make it easier for consumers to get a more concrete picture of the interiors, spatial planning, and atmosphere of the show unit of the property they are interested in. Through this technology, consumers can enjoy high-resolution panoramic image quality with near-perfect detail. The level of accuracy of the images presented and the interactive facilities provided allow consumers to explore in detail every corner of the show unit.

“In this era, online marketing, including technology-based facilities, is an important option for consumers. We believe that this virtual show unit service is one effective way for consumers to avail of a comprehensive preview,” said Hammy Sugiharto, SQ Rés Head of Marketing.

The virtual show unit service is currently available for the two newest SQ Rés apartment types, namely study room (1 + 1BR) and Dual Key. To enjoy the virtual show unit service, simply access the SQ Rés apartment website (www.sqres.co.id) or enter the SQ Reés project page on the Intiland website (intiland.com). After that, you can explore the entire interior of this apartment in 3D.

SQ Rés is also offering a number of special promos during the Covid-19 pandemic. “The price per unit starts from Rp1.1 billion for the studio type, or instalments starting from Rp. 8 million per month. We are also preparing a cash advance promo that can be repaid in 40 instalments,” said Hammy Sugiharto.

Themed as an ‘Oasis in the City’, SQ Rés offers modern resort-style residences that are equipped with curated facilities and comfortable areas to socialize, relax, and gather with friends or family.

SQ Rés facilities range from sports facilities, such as swimming pools, jogging tracks, and fitness centers to restaurants, cafés, multimedia rooms, library rooms, meeting rooms, and children’s play areas.

Located in the T.B Simatupang prime business district, SQ Rés provides easy access to public facilities such as schools, hospitals, lifestyle centers, and the JORR toll road. In addition, the apartment is flanked by two MRT stations, Fatmawati and Lebak Bulus. This strategic location allows residents to easily conduct their daily activities in the capital.