Why Young People in the City are Choosing Apartments to Live

Living in a large, densely populated city such as Jakarta creates a natural demand for people to live in apartments over landed homes. Apart from the more affordable price, apartment living also offers several other advantages such as ease of maintenance, more facilities, security, and accessibility that makes it easy for residents to go about their daily routines.

Here are some reasons why people are choosing apartments in Jakarta:

1. Simplicity

The ease of maintenance when living in an apartment makes it one less thing to think about as the building management team is responsible for fixing all sorts of problems that may occur such as leaks or any kind of damage. This lets people use their time to do other more important things, such as spending time with family or loved ones, exercising, cooking or whatever their favorite activities may be.

2. Facilities

When living in an apartment you not only get a comfortable place to live, but also various facilities and amenities that support residents lifestyle activities. Some such facilities may include swimming pool, fitness center, laundry, parking area, children’s playground, jogging track and more. Facilities are consciously designed and provided to help residents feel more comfortable and able to carry out their daily activities with more freedom.

3. Security

Security is an important factor in finding a place to live in the city and when living in an apartment, residents are more assured as their the security system is managed professionally and available 24/7. In addition to well-trained and professional security guards on standby, apartments also offer additional security systems such as CCTV, fire extinguishers, and various other security protocols designed to maintain the safety of residents.

 4. Accessibility

Living in a big city like Jakarta and managing a busy routine demands that housing offers residents convenience as they go through their daily activities. Apartments having quickly become a preference for young urban dwellers as they are strategically located with great  access to various public facilities such as MRT stations and public transportation, offices, schools, hospitals, or shopping centers and malls.

 The accessibility provided when living in an apartment is one of the main reasons it has become the preferred living option for city dwellers. From the convenience offered in carrying out their daily activities, saving money and time on maintenance and upkeep, through to all the facilities and amenities they can enjoy, its no surprise that young people are choosing apartments to live in Jakarta. Not to forget the ease of access and time saved in reaching their favorite destinations across the city.

Apartments have quickly become an easy and sustainable investment decision whether its for you to live, an investment for recurring rental income or perhaps for a family member that is returning to the city.

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