Bambaiya : Experience Indian Comfort Food

Some say Bombay (today known as Mumbai) is the city of possibilities.

Dare we say it is a melting pot of dreams. Bombay has long been known for its diverse cuisine and culture. Jump back to the early 19th Century where Persian immigrants began cultivating the city and embellished the streets with no-frill Iranian Cafes. Mumbaikers (the people of Mumbai) loved the perfect hang out spots for a cup of masala cutting chai or Indian street snacks. Bambaiya at South Quarter chooses to bring its customers these authenthic Bomnay-style experiences to Jakarta; a city that has long appreciated the rich Indian culture and history.

Mumbai is also known for the various street food stalls serving flavors from all around India, a heaven for foodies and the answer for all your Indian food cravings.  Inspired by this, we took those flavors from the midst of a lively Bombay and serve them to you.Bambaiya chooses to become the one stop shop for all your Indian food craving through authentic favorites and famous street side snacks like the flavor-packed choices of chaat.

We transport you to a flavorful journey through events like our weekend outdoor barbecue. The experience is like walking down the streets of Muhammad Ali road in Mumbai; waiting for a plate of shish kebab while watching the chef press the minced meat onto the skewer and heating the charcoal grill to cook it up for you. Bambaiya will transport you and invigorate your senses through the beautiful smells and sight of your food being grilled in front of you.

We invite you to this faded time capsule dining space and introduce you to a reinvented legacy. Experience Indian comfort food and soothing Bollywood classics that encompass the gloriously eccentric city of Bombay, only at BAMBAIYA!