Wellness Webminar : Jantung Sehat & Covid-19

SQ Rés and Fifty Seven Promenade conducted a Healthy Living Webinar on August 21, 2020. With the theme Healthy Heart & Covid-19: the Dos and Don’ts, the event was held on Zoom with the aim of sharing ideas on how to remain conscious of health and wellbeing in the midst of the ongoing pandemic.

The event involved speakers such as Dr. Nikolas Wanahita, a cardiology specialist from Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Hendro S. Gondokusumo, Founder & CEO of Intiland, and Dr. Twindy Rarasati, who is also an actress and Covid-19 survivor. Moderated by CNN Indonesia news anchor Tiffany Rarasati, this Healthy Life Webinar focused on the effect of Covid-19 on the heart.

It is already widely known that people who have exisitng congenital diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes will experience complications should they contract Covid-19. Dr. Nikolas explained that besides immunity, there are other factors that can be used as indicators in detecting Covid-19, such as viral load.

Viral load refers to the amount of virus in the blood of an infected person. A high viral load in a person’s body can affect the immune system and organs such as the heart. Dr. Nikolas explained Covid-19 in detail, and also how to take measures to avoid it, especially for people who have heart problems.

For those of you who missed this healthy living webinar, you can download the presentation material via this link. And make sure you follow Intiland’s social media (@intilanddev) and SQ Rés (@ sqres.jakarta) for information on other interesting upcoming events.