SQ Dome: Implementation of Hygiene Standards for All Retail Tenants

SQ Dome, alongside other shopping and lifestyle centers in Jakarta, resumed operations on June 15th, 2020. While operating more or less as it did previously, SQ Dome has also adapted to the ‘new normal’ by providing additional dining areas for visitors. “The additional areas located in level LG and GF provide a solution for restaurants and cafés with capacities that have been decreased to 50%,” stated Endah Kelanasari as General Manager Services Intiland.  This measure was taken not only to help restaurants and cafés boost their sales revenue during the pandemic, but also to provide comfort and safety for dine-in visitors at SQ Dome.

Several additional procedures have been implemented by SQ Dome to prevent covid-19 transmission during the ‘new normal’ phase, such as:


Visitors must go through temperature checking before entering the buildings and required to wear masks at all times. They also encouraged to maintain minimum 1 meter distance with others.


In order to ensure hygiene and cleanliness for dine-in visitors, SQ Dome requires every tenant’s kitchen to maintain the highest hygienic standards for all of their cooking equipment. They are also required to wear masks and gloves while handling food to maintain food safety standards.

Sanitary Standards

Every retail tenant is mandated to provide hand sanitizers for visitors to use, as well as regularly cleaning the dining tables with food-grade disinfectant. They are also required to keep food serving equipment properly cleaned with food-grade detergent, and to regularly clean all trolleys and shopping carts.

Waiters and Cashiers

Masks, face shields, and gloves are mandatory for all waiters and cashiers at all retail tenants in SQ Dome. This helps to avoid exposure to droplets or direct physical contact with customers. In order to enhance ease and safety, customers are advised to use cashless payment if possible.

With these protocols, we hopes all visitors can stay safe and healthy while shopping, dining and spending time at SQ Dome.