Introducing: Park & Ride at SQ

Improving the experience of public transportation in South Jakarta

On August 15, 2019, Intiland officially launched the South Quarter ‘Park and Ride’ facility.

“Park and Ride is an important system,” said Permadi Indra Yoga, Director of Business Development of PT Intiland Development Tbk. “It helps the integration with mass transportation so that the use of public transportation can be increased and the experience improved.”

The inauguration of the Park and Ride facility was marked by the signing of an agreement by Yoga and PT MRT Jakarta President Director William Sabandar. This collaboration was marked by the inauguration and operation of the Park & ​​Ride facility by DKI Jakarta government officials and PT MRT Jakarta, Intiland Management, and PT Transportation Jakarta.

Enhancing mobility and reducing pollution levels

“The provision of this facility also represents our commitment to provide convenience for people who are using public transportation modes on a daily basis. This is also a form of support and social movement to gradually reduce pollution levels in Jakarta,” said Yoga.

PT MRT Jakarta President Director William Sabandar said he greatly appreciated the provision of Intiland’s South Quarter Park and Ride facilities. “We appreciate the fact that PT Intiland is the first stakeholder to prepare Park & ​​Ride.”

Setting positive trends for the future of transport in the city

Intiland became the first private sector actor to dedicate its land to the development of public transportation. In collaboration with Jakarta and Transjakarta MRT, Intiland not only provides Park and Ride facilities, but also Transjakarta buses that can be used to take people from the South Quarter stop to Fatmawati MRT station.

In addition, South Quarter’s Park and Ride also applies a special parking rate of Rp 5,000 per day for cars and Rp 2,000 per day for motorbikes, which is much cheaper than the usual parking rates.

Safer, faster, more efficient: the Park & Ride effect

Sabandar hopes that the construction of South Quarter’s Park and Ride will invite more people to enter Jakarta using public transportation after parking their private vehicles at this facility. Yoga agrees: “The existence of adequate parking facilities is very useful for people to move from private vehicles to public transportation modes, especially riding the Jakarta MRT. This can become a new, safer, faster, and more efficient lifestyle for urban communities in their daily activities in the city of Jakarta.”