Milestones in the Development of SQ Rés

Customer satisfaction is the most important factor in building reputation and market trust. This is why Intiland, as one of the country’s foremost property developers, continually emphasizes the importance of their customers in the development of every property, from concept to delivery.

Even with the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, Intiland has been continuing with the development of each planned project and striving to complete them according to the target schedule.

This commitment can be seen in the construction of the SQ Rés apartments. This project offers one of the best vertical residences in South Jakarta. Located between Jalan Lebak Bulus and Jalan Fatmawati, SQ Rés is in a premium area along the corridor of the TB Simatupang central business district, which is traversed by the MRT line and surrounded by the best public facilities.

So, what are the latest milestones at SQ Rès? The development of these twenty-floor residences is progressing according to schedule. After the completion of the foundation construction in July 2020, the construction of SQ Rès is now entering the next important stage.

The casting of the basement floor covering an area of ​​9,600m2 in tower D and tower E was carried out in mid-2021. The progress of this foundation work has successfully reached the target in accordance with the schedule and work is continuing at the construction stage of the building structure.

According to Kundarso, Project Leader of SQ Rès, at the end of December 2021 the construction of tower D is projected to reach the 4th floor, while tower E will have reached the ground floor level. “We are grateful that the construction process was quite smooth and in accordance to schedule. At the end of February 2022, we will complete the construction of the podium structure for the two towers,” he said.

The developer aims to construct the façade of the building in the first half of next year. The process of closing the roof or topping off is projected to be carried out in May 2022 for tower D, followed by tower E in July 2022.

Intiland is optimistic that with the achievement of these construction milestones, the construction of SQ Rés can proceed according to schedule. Handover of apartment units will be carried out in stages, starting in the second quarter of 2023. This timely handover is part of the Company’s efforts to provide satisfaction to its loyal customers.