The New Normal at SQ Office

Several areas of Indonesia have now entered what is called the ‘new normal’, helping people to resume their daily activities with a new set of safety and hygiene standards designed to prevent the spread of covid-19.

In entering the ‘new normal,’ South Quarter has prepared and implemented a set of safety protocols for managing the pandemic. “The SQ building management has circulated a letter containing guidelines for entering the buildings and has taken an active role in implementing health protocols,” said Vanessa Natalia, Marketing Manager of South Quarter Office.

As part of the health protocol, South Quarter has established a medical team with an on-call doctor alongside a follow-up examination room, to conduct proper examinations for any tenants and visitors who may have a temperature. In addition, South Quarter is also minimizing any form of physical contact, conducting temperature checking in every building, implementing frequent sanitization of offices and public areas, and encouraging the use of cashless payments. These measures are intended to maximize the safety and comfort of all guests and workers at South Quarter through preventing the transmission of covid-19.

As office tenants resume work in the office, SQ Office has prepared Work From Office Guidelines for the safety of all office workers and visitors. The guidelines include restrictions on the number of people in offices and new arrangements for the use of work facilities, as well as physical distancing measures. 

“Office tenants at SQ have also adjusted working days and hours, are proactively monitoring people’s health, and are promoting clean & healthy behavior, using face masks, and social distancing,” said Vanessa.

Some of the policies and protocols for handling covid-19 that must be followed by every tenant include:

Temperature checks when entering the building at the lobby entrances, Ground Floor Escalator, Sliding Door Lower Ground Retail AB & BC, and Basements. In addition, temperature screening and checking must be carried out for all company employees when they arrive at their office.

Building security are implementing a minimum distance (of 1.5 meters) for people waiting in lines to enter buildings, at the reception, and at lobby elevators. In addition, the number of elevator passengers will be reduced to 50% of normal capacity.

Hand sanitizers and sinks are provided at the entrance to the buildings and at reception.

The building custodians are cleaning the public places more frequently, especially places with high traffic and prone-to-touch areas. All tenants at South Quarter are also required to implement the hygiene and sanitation protocols within their respective offices.

For restaurants and cafeterias, social distancing rules and hygiene protocols are also implemented as well as procedures for restaurant employees’ hygiene and food handling.

The Building Management has established protocols to limit the distance between employees and visitors, such as seating arrangements, guidelines for shared spaces, signboards to prevent crowding, and replacing all prone-to-touch items with items that require less physical contact.

Tenants must establish rules for regular deep cleaning and disinfecting of workplaces with their respective cleaning vendors.

Face masks or face shields are mandatory for all tenants and guests visiting South Quarter.

Tenants, visitors, and vendors are required to fill in the Self Risk Assessment when entering the building as stated in the Decree by the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Number HK.01.07/Menkes/328/2020 and the Decree by the Head of the Manpower, Transmigration and Energy Agency of the Special Capital Region of Jakarta Number 1363 of 2020.

The ‘new normal’ may make our activities feel more restricted; however, we can all do our part to help stop the spread of the virus.

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