SQ Rés : Resort-Like Apartment in South Jakarta

Living in a big city like Jakarta requires us to have a dynamic and flexible lifestyle. Hectic routines and heavy traffic in the capital lead people to prefer a home that makes it easier for them to carry out their daily activities.
Apartments have become the preferred choice of people in big cities, due to the fact that apartments can provide essentials that make it easier for people to carry out their routines, with strategic locations, complete supportive facilities, and comfortable surroundings.
Responding to the needs of the community, the property development company PT Intiland Development has developed the SQ Rés apartment project in South Jakarta. Located in the TB Simatupang area, these residences have easy access to various public facilities and infrastructure, from MRT stations, toll roads, hospitals, and schools, to the leading lifestyle centers of South Jakarta.
In addition, with the concept of a ‘tropical resort’, SQ Rés provides extra comfort for those who seek a balanced lifestyle. The residences are equipped with a green area and various other supporting facilities such as a library, study lounge, co-working space, and kids’ play area.
In addition, SQ Rés provides fitness facilities such as a gym, elevated walkways that can be used as a jogging track, and an elevated swimming pool. The elevated swimming pool is a swimming pool with a tropical feel that gives residents a holiday atmosphere and lets them take a break after a busy city routine.
In their spare time, residents can spend their time with relatives, family or friends in outdoor and indoor cafés or the SQ Rés playroom. Facilities like these are provided by SQ Rés so that residents can ensure the quality of their daily lives.