Intiland is Expanding the Office Market in Surabaya

PT Intiland Development Tbk has strengthened its commitment to creating leading property developments that are safe and support a healthy lifestyle for the community. During the current Covid-19 pandemic, the Company believed that it was essential to provide a development with a focus on health as well as comfortable office area to serve the needs of the community as well as the business world at large, especially in Surabaya.

The Company already has a diverse office building portfolios in Surabaya, where two buildings are located in the city center, namely Intiland Tower and Praxis, and another two buildings are located in the business center of West Surabaya, namely Spazio and Spazio Tower.

Harto Laksono, Marketing Director of PT Intiland Grande, the company’s subsidiary for development in Surabaya, explained that the level of demand for the office market segment had experienced a decrease since last year after the Covid-19 pandemic began.

However, at the beginning of 2021, there are signals that the demand for certain office spaces in Surabaya is gradually experiencing a positive trend. One of them is the Spazio Tower, a strata-title office building developed by the Company that has been successfully absorbed by the market.

“Up till now, 70 percent of the office units at Spazio Tower have been sold since its launch and most of the units have been handed over to the buyers. More than 60 percent of the units sold are used by the owners themselves, ” said Harto.

Several national and multinational companies have offices in Spazio Tower, including manufacturing companies, suppliers, digital start-ups, and more some companies are even occupying an entire floor of the office area in the building.

Harto further explained that the target market for Spazio Tower buyers is indeed end users themselves, such as owners of companies or factories in the Surabaya area. While the office is not necessarily focused on operations for those investors, rather it serves as a corporate office, representative office or show space to meet investors or potential customers of their products before visiting the factory location.

PT Intiland Development Tbk considers that the positive response from the market is due to the rapid development of the West Surabaya area with good infrastructure and transportation. Building on this, Spazio Tower is an extention to the Spazio building that has been operating since 2012. This integrated office area is equipped with various supporting facilities, ranging from banking, retail and F&B areas so as to provide more variety to meet the needs of today’s consumers who require modern, complete, office buildings, supported by easy access to transportation and with a high level of safety.

Spazio Tower

Harto Laksnono explained that Spazio Tower was designed as a modern office building with a healthy and environmentally friendly concept that is applied to all aspects of the building. Designed with an open area of up to 60 percent, this building is equipped with a variety of innovative features such as windows that can be opened in each unit and the application of open corridors to maximize air circulation in the building.

This is in line with one survey conducted by Gensler in 2020, which explained that most workers expect an office environment that is efficient and has almost the same flexibility when they have to carry out work from home activities. The main focus is that employees are not in a closed space and can enjoy natural ventilation.

Other facilities at the Spazio Tower include of two floors dedicated for food, beverage and retail, as well as open communal space on each floor that can be used by visitors as a lounge or meeting point for company guests or colleagues.

The innovative Spazio Tower building offers owners more freedom to regulate energy use independently and separately from other units. So aside from reducing operational costs, this can also provide the flexibility to choose working hours for its users.

“The healthy concept of the office units we offer can give potential customers more confidence in the assurance of health factors on site. This is a good opportunity for us to reintroduce the concept of a healthy office that we have been preparing long before the pandemic started, “said Harto.

Numerous additional advantages can be enjoyed from working in an office area. Aside from helping employees improve productivity and focus, working in the office can even reduce stress, as well as ensure a better work-life balance and creating synergy and collaboration within teams.

Spazio Tower, is a modern mixed-use building developed by Intiland in the center of a business and commercial development district in West Surabaya. Occupying a land area of approximately 4,600 square meters, Spazio Tower offers offices ranging from 52 to 2,000 square meters.

Providing 11 floors of strata title office space, covering an area of 28,496 square meters, Spazio Tower is also equipped with function hall facilities, the Kayumanis hotel which occupies the top seven floors, and two floors of the F&B retail area covering an area of 5077 square meters, which are currently occupied by several hospotality tenants, such as Papa Ron’s Pizza, Parcwest, and Mitch & Elle, among others. Spazio Tower retail area is also directly connected to Spazio and Spazio Terrace, which add a variety of tenant choices including restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, salons, and karaoke.


In addition to the Spazio Tower, Intiland is also developing Praxis, a modern office with a healthy concept in the center of Surabaya. Praxis is an integrated mixed-use & high-rise development that occupies 1.1 hectares. Located in the same area as Intiland Tower Surabaya, Praxis introduces an innovative mall concept in office buildings.

The four floors of this office are equipped with escalator facilities and a vehicle parking area on each floor helping facilitate the mobility of all visitors and employees at the building. In addition, Praxis also offers office units equipped with a display façade towards the main corridor, making it easier for companies to display their products.

“This concept of an office that resembles a mall can be said to be the only one in Surabaya. This concept is certainly suitable for companies that deal directly with their customers, such as banks, airline offices, tour & travel agents, and so on,” explained Harto.

Praxis offers a strata title office area of 17,400 square meters with a variety of excellent facilities, including an adequate vehicle parking area, direct connection to 28-floor modern apartment buildings, and three floors of an F&B retail area which has been occupied by several well-known restaurants and cafes. Also present is the SIM Corner public service center on the LG floor which was inaugurated last November.

Various large companies engaged in the capital market, consulting, and financial services have offices in this building. In addition, the current availability of serviced office units with a total area of 260 square meters has also been leased out, due to the high interest in the downtown office market. Currently, the Company is preparing to develop the second phase of its serviced office, which is projected to be ready in March this year.

Harto said that there had been a positive trend in the need for office space in Surabaya since the end of 2020. He assessed that consumers are starting to believe again that it is safe to work in office buildings.

Anticipating this potential, the Company has prepared several special strategies to attract consumers and investors, such as an investment program with a 30 percent rental guarantee for three years, an easy way to pay a 20 percent down payment in 4 installments, special interest promos with BCA Bank investment loans, and providing finished units with floors and ceilings.