Coronavirus in Indonesia: South Quarter Sterilises Building

As we know by now, the global pandemic caused by Coronavirus or COVID-19 has reached Indonesia, and citizens and residents here have already adopted many measures such as social distancing to help prevent the rapid spread of the disease.

Several companies have also implemented work from home systems, to maintain the health of their employees and minimize the spread of the virus. In addition, many companies and building owners are conducting building sterilization to ensure that the virus does not develop in their buildings. The management of South Quarter is also implementing such measures.

At South Quarter, there is an ongoing program to sterilize buildings using disinfectants and to provide hand sanitizers in each tower. “We have provided hand sanitizers in towers A, B and C,” said Rita Cahyani, General Manager of South Quarter Building Management.

In addition, South Quarter personnel also routinely clean surfaces that are often touched by people, such as door handles and elevator buttons. According to Rita, frequently touched surfaces are cleaned every 30 minutes. In addition, cleaners are required to always use gloves and masks when cleaning office building areas.

In addition to the cleanliness of office buildings, social distancing was also implemented by South Quarter from March 16. This is achieved by marking lines about 1 meter apart to avoid people standing close together, especially at the building entrance area. Social distancing also applies when entering elevators. Distances are marked on each elevator and a maximum of 6 people are allowed at a time.

Before entering the building area, each employee or guest must have their body temperature checked. Tenants of South Quarter have been notified that tenant employees or guests who have temperatures above 38 degrees Celsius will not be allowed into the building and will be re-examined in the Advanced Examination Room (RPL). “They will then be asked to go for a further check-up themselves by visiting a health provider.”

These preventative measures are also being carried out in several other Intiland projects such as the Intiland Tower building. Before entering the Intiland Tower area, everyone waits in line for a body temperature check conducted by the building security. Social distancing is also implemented when people queue to check their body temperature. In addition, each person is also required to use a hand sanitizer before entering the office building. When using the elevator, the security personnel only allow 9 people to enter the elevator at one time and remind them to face the wall when inside.

Intiland and South Quarter will continue to do their utmost to help prevent the further spread of this virus and protect their tenants and employees.