Cikal Lebak Bulus School Set to Open in May 2022: Topping Off Ceremony at the Cikal Lebak Bulus School Campus

To strengthen their commitment to developing competency-based education for the future, the entire board of directors and management of the Cinta Keluarga Foundation (Cikal) held a Topping Off Ceremony for the construction project of the Cikal Lebak Bulus School, the first eco-friendly school in South Jakarta on January 31, 2022.

The Cikal Lebak Bulus School Campus is an eco-friendly school developed to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The project has been in development since 2019 and the design and development of the construction project has been in collaboration with PT. Pakubumi Semesta, PT Total Bangun Persada, Tbk, PT Inti Gria Perkasa, PT Han Awal and Partners and PT. Putra Sinar Permaja. The project is targeted for completion in May 2022.

The Head of the Cikal Lebak Bulus School Development Project, Maya Noviasari, stated that the ceremonial topping off of the development was a small celebration for the team who has been dedicated to managing the construction of the Cikal Lebak Bulus School amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Topping off was a small moment of celebration for the team for successfully achieving the target of structural work, an essential part of a building, on time. Development during a pandemic brings more challenges. Health protocols are stricter than ever. However, the team spirit in completing each task deserves two thumbs up. All team members involved in this project have received the COVID-19 vaccine and have gone through regular health checks,” Maya elaborated.

Attended by the entire board of trustees and administrators of the Cinta Keluarga Foundation, among others Founders and Trustees Najelaa Shihab and Dewi Kamaratih Suharto, Rahma Paramita, Tari Sandjojo, Sylviarini T.I. Arifin, Ratih Saraswati (Management of the Cinta Keluarga Foundation), Yori Antar (Architect of Cikal Lebak Bulus School Development), as well as the board of directors of Cikal’s collaboration partners in this project, including Janti Komadjaja, B,Sc. M,Sc (President Director of PT. Total Bangun Persada ) and Chandra Makmoen, representing PT Putra Sinar Permaja (South Quarter Mixed-Use Development). The ceremonial topping off took place with the strictest health protocols.

Chairman of the Board of the Cinta Keluarga Foundation (Cikal) and Founder of Cikal, Najelaa Shihab commented that Cikal did not stop innovating, even during a pandemic, while reflecting on Cikal’s journey and imagining Cikal’s future plans in the world of education for decades to come.

“Cikal’s concept of freedom of learning, freedom of work, and collaboration, refers to Cikal’s 5-star Competence which will be realized in real terms in the future. For Cikal, the pandemic is not a reason to stop and do nothing,” she explained.

Maya added that the construction process of the Cikal Lebak Bulus School involved collaboration with numerous experts, planning consultant teams and the best construction companies who added meaning and contributed to the future-focused school construction.

“Planning for the Cikal Lebak Bulus School is supported by a team of planning consultants, starting with a team of architects, soil investigation experts, geotechnical experts, infrastructure experts, structural experts, MEP (mechanical, electrical & plumbing) experts, environmental impact analysis experts, analysis drafting experts for traffic impact, and waste water management experts, and supported by a leading construction management team as well as the best quantity surveyors and construction companies in Indonesia. Many expert teams are involved in this project. All of them have made significant contributions to Cikal,” explained Maya.

Once the Cikal School is officially established, the Cikal Head of Campus, Ratih Saraswati, said that all education activities and learning processes at the current Cikal Cilandak campus will be moved to the Cikal Lebak Bulus School.

“The transfer of TK and SD Cikal Cilandak students to Cikal Lebak Bulus School will begin in May 2022 so they will have the opportunity to adapt to the new learning environment before the next school year begins,” she added.

Strategically located in South Jakarta, the construction project of the Cikal Lebak Bulus School stands on an area of ​​7,079 m2 with a total floor area of ​​over 13,500 m2. Located in the South Quarter area, next to Mayapada Hospital, and close to the residential areas of Lebak Bulus and South Jakarta, the Cikal Lebak Bulus building is designed to be integrated with the South Quarter area through a modern pedestrian bridge (JPO) that stretches across Jl. Lebak Bulus I, ensuring the safety and quality of life of students, teachers, parents, and residents.